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Do you always enjoy the thrill of the hunt during an estate sale? And would like to make money from estate sale flips? Here are 12 items that make the best estate sale flips.  Be certain to bookmark our page to keep abreast with our latest auctions.

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  • 1980s Toys: Since the 1980s toys can arouse nostalgia, they could really be in high demand. Hence, during an estate sale, watch out for the toys from such an era that had their own cartoon series, such as My Little Pony, some certain Barbies, original Gem, and ThunderCats.
  • Coins: Coins may seem to be of little value. However, if you come across some the right ones, they can worth a bit more. So, always be on the lookout for mercury dimes – those US 10 cent coins made during 1917 to 1945 – they can fetch you good money.
  • Hummel Figurines: These are porcelain figurines designed based on Sister Maria Innocentia’s drawings of children in Germany in the 1930s. There are some real hard-to-find hummels that still maintain their original values. These include Apple Tree Boy, Chick Girl, Little Old Man Reading a Newspaper, and the Ring Around the Rosie.
  • Pyrex Dishes: lots of people still like the Vintage Pyrex dishes. This makes some Pyrex dishes to retain high price. Some midcentury Pyrex dishes of certain patterns can really earn you thousands of dollars.
  • Sports Collectibles: you can earn much on some sports collectibles. These include signed balls, vintage programs, autographed uniforms, and baseball cards. These are just a few of the valuable sports collectibles.
  • Star Wars Memorabilia: Star Wars still has more films scheduled for production, so it wouldn’t fade out any time soon. Hence, look out for Star Wars collectibles during an estate sale, they could worth a fortune in meantime.
  • Vintage Turquoise and Vintage Coral Jewelry: Lots of vintage turquoise and vintage coral jewelries are always found and sold in lots during an estate sale. So always carefully examine the vintage turquoise and vintage coral jewelry that you can resell for good money.
  • Vintage Board Games: This is also what to look out for during estate sales. Aside from the fact that you can’t be bored with vintage board games, you can also make some real fun money from it. However, rare vintage board games that are in perfect condition could be more profitable.
  • Vintage Cast Iron: Both cooks and collectors are always crazy over the vintage cast iron wares. Vintage cast iron such as Wagner and Griswold bring more profits and are worth sniffing out during an estate sale.
  • Vintage Glassware: You would definitely meet with lots of glassware, but not all of them are worthless. Vintage glassware with trusted brand names Waterford and Culver can bring a very nice price.
  • Vintage Nintendo Games: Though the Nintendo video games have been long replaced by the recent games like Xbox, PlayStation, and Candy Crush. However, vintage Nintendo games such as Power Blade 2, Bucky O’Hare, and Samson can still make cash.
  • Vintage Vinyl Records: Though the vinyl records have been replaced by digital downloads nowadays among music lovers. The value of vintage vinyl records should not be discounted especially those in mint condition.

These are a few items you can flip for profit during an estate sale. You may have some other favorite estate sale flips that you always look out for.