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Auctions are valuable for our clients who wish to sell their old items or liquidate their estates. By being a part of an auction, you come up with a price that you want to spend on a specific item, and your offer will either be accepted or declined. You are never forced to pay more than you already planned. Our online auction software makes it easy for people to buy an item at a price they wish to spend.  When both parties reach an agreement, it is definitely a win-win situation.  Selling is an art and auctioning is an extension of that art. To add value to a product that has already been used is tough unless the item being auctioned is an antique. However, if you are a buyer, it is advised to not get carried away by a sales pitch. Be a smart buyer and get the best possible outcome for a minimum rate.

Here are some tips that will come in handy when bidding on goods.

  1. Always look at the payment terms
    Most auction houses offer several ways to pay. However, some provide a very limited options for you. If you are someone who would like to pay with a cheque or a credit card, make sure the auction house has that kind of arrangement already in place. Watch out for refundable deposits that you might have to make in order to register for bidding.
  2. Keep your cool
    If you are really eyeing something, it is easy to get carried away and aggressively bid higher than you should. Keep your ears open to know how much others are willing to pay and then scale up from there. Don’t start with a bid which is close to your budget, no matter how badly you wish to own any particular item.
  3. Don’t be the one to begin the bidding!
    This is a no-brainer, but it is crucial not to be the first one to start the bidding. Be careful with your excitement, as someone out there could have a higher budget and will beat you to it. Let others bid for a while before you venture in. Be the one that observes and then jump to it when it is getting close to the end, that is when most of the bidders have stopped bidding since they don't want to overshoot their budget.
  4. Don’t go for too many things at once
    You might want to buy everything that catches your eye, but don’t go all in. To focus on one or two things that you really like or need the most, is the best way to avoid going over your budget. If careful thoughts are not put into what you are trying to achieve, your budget constraints might put a spanner in the work.
  5. Don’t let other bidders distract you
    Sometimes bidders can get lost in the competition and they go on and on until they win. You might think, why is that a bad thing? Well if the competition gets the best of you, you will end up going way over your original price limit and paying a very high amount of money. This is when ‘buyer’s remorse’ sets in. If you have a tight budget, stay alert and don’t let the enthusiastic bidders put you off track.

These are just some of the tips that are absolutely essential before embarking on the interesting journey of bidding. If you keep this information in mind, you will slowly be able to make the auctions work in your favour. It is pretty much like gambling, but with a strategy that is structured. With simple tips and tricks, you can win at it, not only once but every single time. It is a talent that will take some time to sink in, but if you work hard at it by staying alert and by keeping the points from above in mind, you will be able to get to the finish line sooner than you think.