cluttered home appraisal tips

Your home is supposed to be a haven; however, our hectic lifestyles cause a gradual accumulation of knick-knacks over time. Tiny decorative items and tchotchkes pile up to clutter our homes. When it comes to selling a home, these decorative items can be both helpful and deleterious. 

You do not want these items to overwhelm your place and make it difficult for a prospective buyer to envision it as their home. On the other hand, you don’t want it to look so vapid and unappealing that the buyer gets disenchanted after their first glance.  When you begin to think of selling your home and look at it nostalgically, two tips will come in handy. We posit one idea for home decoration and one suggestion for selling décor that you can use to increase the value of your house significantly.

Staging Your Home

It may seem very fundamental; yet, redecorating your house before you put it on the market is exceptionally effective. Changes, small or big, can build a lasting and positive first impression upon potential buyers. The most effective changes are ones that are powerful enough to push the potential buyers into making an offer on the house.

Since redecorating is a broad term, let us make it more transparent. Though there are millions of home decorating items that push a sale, we specifically highlight the importance of focusing on the exterior and the entryway.

A few potted plants or blooming flowers along the driveway, or on the front porch can substantially improve the way buyers perceive your home. Healthy and well-tended flower pots can bring a touch of color and warmth to old abodes that most certainly can increase the value of the home while it is being appraised. For the entryway or front door, we recommend changing the old doorknob for a new one so that it shines brightly. Additionally, hire a professional home cleaning service to clean your entire residence prior to your appraisal.

A Tip for Selling Decorative Items

Just like a place that is devoid of any decorative touches doesn’t look like a home, a house that has too many of them feels overwhelming and discommoding. While opening your home to a new buyer you must make certain that they can imagine adapting their lifestyle to the place. If every corner, shelf and wall they see is chock full of tchotchkes, they will have a very difficult time visualizing beyond the present status quo. Our advice is to sell those items which you will not be taking to your new house, and focus on making your home look charming.

Just like the staging of a home increases the probability of it being sold; creating an illusion of luxury around your product will convince more people to buy it. For example, a Tiffany Lamp will get you a good value if it is pictured in an Eames-style sidebar. The same luxury lamp will sell for pennies if the surroundings are cluttered with old newspapers and shabby picture frames. The former creates a touch of eccentricity in the mind of the buyer while the latter produces only the feeling of disarray.

home appraisal auction decor decorationsSimply put, before hiring professionals to appraise your property, get it tended to and add some small flowering shrubs. To sell décor at competitive prices take pictures with complementary pieces around them and keep plenty of empty space between the items.

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