Moving out, refurnishing or simply planning to get rid of the old to make way for the new; whatever the reason may be, downsizing is always a good idea. Having too much stuff doesn’t always mean you must lug them all around for all eternity. We bring to you a few simple ways to pocket a profit from the old and the unnecessary.

too much stuff

Primarily, it is important to identify the number of items and/or furniture you want to discard, and how you want to go about it. Charity and donation could be one of the ways to go, the other being distributing the goods and furniture among other members of the family. Many of them might want to claim the family heirloom or their grandma’s favorite possessions as their own. Giving away items of emotional importance is never easy, make sure you make your peace with the loss before deciding to give away your personal favorites.

downsizing home how to sell excess itemsFor family members that live far away, it’s technology to the rescue. Put up pictures and post them online for them to have first pick before putting them for sale on online portals such as eBay. It is important to evaluate the value and figure out appropriate liquidation of assets. Marking up your assets, equipment and drawing an inventory could be a tedious process, which could be handled efficiently by qualified appraisers. Specializing in estimation of items of significant value, they help predetermine appropriate market prices for items you have chosen to sell or donate. It is essential to verify appraiser credentials from institutions such as the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers to know their credibility and experience in fulfilling a job well done.

While selling long standing items or pieces of furniture, it is very important to remember that like clothes, closets change. Changing trends, home décor and furnishing ideas and needs have changed over time. What might have seemed fashionable a decade ago no longer seems appealing to the masses and might not fetch the same value that you had originally invested in. Hence an open mind and the right attitude come as a packaged deal while setting your mind to selling.

Last but not the least, a viable option to downsize stands in large scale garage sales, auctions and estate sales. Putting up your items of significant value may fetch you a significant price on the total asset value.

No sale comes without a price of its own. A certain investment and a cut of your share goes into extensive understanding and precise listing of your assets which could be handled by professionals with experience and expertise in the domain. They work metiulously, avoiding any unfortunate misgivings of unforeseen legalities. 

Downsizing is never a small job, neither is it as simple as it seems. But in the right hands and at the right time, it can make a monumental task seem miniscule, all you have to do is choose well and wisely.