business liquidation auctioneers appraisersBuying and selling any item of a certain value requires evaluation. Whether it is personal property, collectibles, commercial merchandise or business assets, their market value has to be deduced as accurately and fairly as possible. Our firm provides highly rated appraisal services that are in compliance with industry trends as well as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices. We have been working diligently in the field of auction, liquidation and appraisals. With our extensive experience and competitive prices, you will be able to obtain a precise value of your assets. There can be many situations where an appraisal might be required. It could be estate division, resale, acquisition, tax appeals, divorce or business liquidation; our professionals can offer their expertise for both personal and commercial valuation.

When it comes to business liquidation, one needs to be quite particular. The evaluation of assets, equipment and other inventory has to be accurate as well as in accordance with market fluctuations. Business owners who are liquidating their assets also have to abide by a set of legal requirements in case dispute arises. Our firm will ensure that you obtain a fair appraisal that can be presented within the courts as well.

business accounting liquidationAmongst the many types of appraisals we provide, liquidation value is exclusively for business owners who are looking to liquidate their assets. This situation can at times be precarious and be spurred by bankruptcy, which is why, our appraisers aim to be as thorough and detailed as possible. Mostly, when assets are converted into cash in a hurried process by businesses closing down, the liquidation value is usually less than it would ideally be if the assets were sold in an ordinary situation.

Whilst business liquidation and bankruptcy remain primary reasons for the appraisal of tangible assets, there are others as well. Investments, additional capital, loan collateral or creditor satisfaction, are a few business practices that demand asset evaluation. It is an extensive process which requires the expertise of a qualified and trained professional. We can offer you the opportunity to benefit from a pricing mechanism that does not leave reeling from a loss.
If a situation arises where any of our customers is due in court, our firm will extend its full support. The valuation that you obtain from us takes into account recent market prices, industrial changes and any additional business requirements. We base our values of tangible assets of a business on stocks, equipment, inventory, real estate as well as other items listed on the balance sheet. These are actually categorized according to a specific order in terms of liquidation.

During the process of liquidation or solvency, business assets are evaluated under two divisions; current and non-current. The currents one can be converted into cash within a short period of time, while the latter ones are assessed may take longer.

Business liquidation is a challenging time for any business owner. We are dedicated to making it easy, smooth and completely hassle free. Despite the conversion into cash entailing a loss almost every time, our appraisals result in a liquidation value that is fair and favorable.