Getting an Auction Evaluation

Campbell Auctioneers & Appraisers, LLC is a trustworthy family-owned business known for its good reputation, integrity and team of expert professionals. Our personal service and competitive prices are unparalleled. 

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Our expert appraisers provide professional Auction Evaluations.There are no costs involved with requesting an initial consultation regarding your unique circumstances.  We always seek to obtain the highest value while selling clients' property at auction. We offer attentive, thoughtful and personalized services to our clients who are considering to sell their property or an estate's property at auction. We provide targeted marketing for your items to a well connected network of buyers. Our competitive service prices allow you to maximize your proceeds from the sale of your property. We value our clientele and consider them a part of our family.

Obtaining an Appraiser

Robert H. Campbell IIGiving a report of an opinion about the value of an item or property is a written appraisal at a given point of time. All the appraisers provided are in compliance with the uniform standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). We charge a competitive and fair fee for providing written appraisal services. We have a team of expert specialists who would guide you through the entire process of written appraisal. We provide a professional and efficient experience of selling your items through an auction. A written appraisal is not required if you are interested in selling your item or property at auction. We can provide verbal estimates of values which do not cost anything. These verbal estimates are called auction evaluations as mentioned above.

Replacement Value Appraisal

If anyone is planning to underwrite their valuable items and properties, you would require a Replacement Value Appraisal for your item. The USPAP compliant document helps in estimating the retail replacement value of your item or property. This means the amount it would cost to purchase the same property or item in the event of a loss is the replacement value. The replacement value also contains a detailed description of each item and property. The description helps in evaluation and identification purpose; in case your property is lost or damaged. Often the value includes material or medium, artist, marker or country of origin of the item.

Fair Market Value Appraisal

Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)For estate tax purposes and estate planning, the Fair Market Value appraisal is required. This mentioned value appraisal is also helpful for equitable distribution or tax deductible donation purposes. A fair market value appraisal is a USPAP compliant document which states some professional opinion from our expert specialists. The opinion consists of the value of the property or the item. The Appraisal will reflect the actual resale value of your item or property from an interested seller to an interested buyer. Both the seller and the buyer would get an idea and understand the current market for the item and properties. To assess rare and exceptionally high quality objects or property, we would travel worldwide for these appraisals. For further queries and doubts you can email us for discussing about the items and objects that might be quite rare and valuable.