A Russian samovar, Victorian pop-up Valentines and two beloved teddy bears were all among the items evaluated at the Dexter museum on May 2. Licensed appraisers from Detroit, DuMouchelles Art Gallery each having various areas of expertise examined numerous items brought by about 60 people and provided verbal appraisal.

The event included many participants who turned over some of the items for art appraisal and subsequent sale at the auctions to be conducted by DuMouchelles auction scheduled to occur at a later date.

The Dexter Heritage Guild conducts The Antiques Appraisals Day as a fund raising event every spring. The appraisal is by DuMouchelles Appraisers and a $7 donation is required to participate in the event by those interested in getting their collectible appraisals, silver appraisals or art appraisals done.

The response to the appraisal event is overwhelming and DuMouchelles is planning to organize a second such event in fall. A number of items including silver, pewter, crystal, fiber arts, jewelry, wartime memorabilia, paintings and drawings, toys and small furniture items are brought in for appraisal.

Antique Silver AppraisalMany choose to make appointments in advance, particularly in case of more difficult items involving silver appraisals to ensure they get the expert appraiser they need. A number of valuable items have been uncovered and many have turned them over for sales to the DuMouchelles auction.

While the event turnout was great appraisers do find it challenging to give a single final appraisal on some items brought in for appraisal. Particularly hard to appraise in one sitting is often items of silver, or silver appraisal which requires more detailed study and examination later before confirming its value.

The Dexter Heritage Guild has conducted Antiques Appraisal Day and annual Holiday Bazaar in the past to sponsor the preservation and operation of the Dexter Museum. Being a highly popular event, it has seen maximum participation from residents in the vicinity and also those travelling from nearby locations.