Online auctions have recently been in the spotlight, more so than ever as they are the new addiction among many collectors looking for great buys. From rarely seen pictures of Captain Scott’s expedition to the South Pole, to a 177 year old map of the world valued at over $10,500, there are some amazing travel themed auctions happening around the world. Many intriguing and eclectic collections went under the hammer at Christie’s in South Kensington, UK with an estimated value ranging from $1,000-$35,000$.  Historic heirloom pieces and other eclectic collections are often acquired during original owner’s travels and are drawing interest from collectors all over the globe.

Even photos such as those of Geisha exiting a Kyoto metro station taken by Steve McCurry fetched a whopping $4,500 from a collector. Other items of value included an incense burner in the shape of Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan military leader and a saddle made by the Bohlin Company.  Edward Bohlin has created accessories, saddles and outfits for some of the most iconic Hollywood stars including John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and even for some American Presidents.

Furniture from personal travels can also prove to be quite a valuable artefact on some occasions. There was a chest of Indo-Portuguese origins which following appraisals, was valued at $25,000-35,000. Collectibles such as a model of a British Airways Concorde valued at $6,500-9500 is also among items sought after by eclectic collectors. Often online auctions unearth a vast number of rare finds that are much sought after by appraisers and collectors looking for a great buy.

Other items of value also include marble busts uncovered in government seizure of properties or chests dating back to the Colonial period, dating back to a Portuguese colony in Goa, India. On this particular chest brought in for appraisals, the detailing was identical to a ‘Contador’ or cabinet on stand in the Victoria and Albert Museum, in England.

From places of origin to period of origin and also geographical details, such online auctions often uncover many rare finds that unveil exciting details about periods of historical significance. Geographically significant pieces that have come up in online auctions include a rare Maori hei tiki pendant from New Zealand with an estimated value of $8,500-12,500. Silver, porcelain pieces and even furniture dating back to certain periods and locations can fetch a great price and generates a lot of excitement in the auction for collector and appraiser alike.